Thresher Shark Divers opened on Malapascua in 2004 and our name quickly became synonymous with all things thresher shark!

Throughout the years, our mission has remained to offer a professional, safe and fun dive experience to all our customers. 

We are located on Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island, just off the north tip of Cebu in the Philippines, near the western end of this picture-perfect white sand beach.

We like to keep things small so that your dive experience is as personalized as possible. You won’t be just one insignificant diver among many. We keep groups as small as we can, usually only 4 per group. In addition, we try to be flexible and will do our best to accommodate the dive sites you want to go to. We can often go diving even if it is just you on the boat.

We are a PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Center, the highest level of PADI dive center, and the only one on Malapascua so you know that we meet the high standards of PADI. We also teach the widest range of courses on the island, all the way up to PADI Instructor level including technical courses up to Trimix Instructor.

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We also run a sister dive travel agency, Philippines Dive and Travel, and can arrange your entire scuba diving vacation around the Philippines.