Our thresher shark guarantees!

The thresher shark sightings are so amazing at the moment that we offer two unique thresher shark guarantees. 

Thresher shark sighting guarantee

If you do not see thresher sharks on one double-dive Kimud trip, we will offer you a third dive for free!

  • Price includes one dive plus gear if needed and fuel surcharge.
  • Price excludes park fees and optional additional dives. 
  • Note that we do not run double Kimud dives every day, this is only valid for double Kimud trips or 2 separate single-dive Kimud trips. 

Thresher Shark "You will go to Kimud!" Dive Guarantee

The thresher sharks recently moved to Kimud Shoal from nearby Monad. Although it is an hour away, due to its special nature and given we don't want anyone to miss them, we now have a second guarantee 😊, a "Kimud Dive Guarantee." For anyone who has only one night on the island, at no extra charge, we guarantee we will go to Kimud. So with TSD, you can be sure that we won't cancel the dive even if it's only you on the boat.

  • This is weather dependent. But we cancel very few shark dives each year to the weather. 
  • The trip will be a minimum 2-dive trip, and include at least one Kimud dive. It may be two dives at Kimud (most common), or is may be combined with Monad (for tiger sharks) or another site. 
  • This is only for people are on Malapascua overnight as we lose money if we send out only one person on the boat, but we want to make sure you can book in advance and be sure we will go. We very much appreciate it if you have two or more nights that you work with our existing schedule. On a normal schedule, we usually go to Kimud 5 days a week at least, and usually every day in high season.