Deep Adventure dive with Malapascua's Thresher Sharks

Deep Adventure Dive with Thresher Sharks

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If you are Open Water certified, given that you are only certified to dive to 18 meters, unless you have lots of previous experience, you need to take additional training to dive at Monad Shoal with the thresher sharks. 

If so, at a minimum you will need to do a “Deep Adventure Dive” which can be done on the shark dive itself. This is part of the Advanced Open Water course, so will count towards the AOWC and it and will certify you to dive to 30 meters in the future, so it will be useful in your future diving. 
Price includes instructor fees, boat fees and free equipment rental.
Please note that if you have not dived in a while, you may also be required to take a refresher before the Deep dive, but the good news is that this also counts towards the Advanced Course as Peak Performance Buoyancy :)
We also advise doing the full Advanced Open Water Course if possible, it’s a great deal and only takes 2 days!
Please email us with any questions and date of arrival:

Government marine park fee payable on site (good for the whole day), P400 at time of writing.

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We look forward to seeing you soon on Malapascua 😊


(Please note: this includes the 5% credit card transactions fee that is standard on Malapascua. You may book and pay another way if you prefer, we have banks in the Philippines, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and the USA. Thanks!)