PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver Course Package

PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver Course Package

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Learn to be a more complete diver by taking the PADI Open Water Diver Course and Advanced Open Water Dive Course together and get to dive with Malapascua's famous thresher sharks on at least one of your dives ūü¶ąūü¶ąūü¶ą
The intro PADI Open Water Course will certify you to dive to 18 meters. After that carry on and complete your Advanced Open Water Course. You can see many wonderful things and we have dive sites that are perfect for the AOW 'themed' dives.  You will usually do at least two of your dives at  thresher shark site, the Night Dive has mandarin fish, seahorses and much more, and there are several excellent wrecks for your Wreck Dive.  
Package includes:
  • Open Water and Advanced Manual online
  • 4 Open Water dives plus confined water sessions
  • 5 Advanced open Water course¬†
  • Equipment rental
  • Boat fees for the dives
  • Certification fees
  • Instructor fees
  • Free Log Book
  • 10% off equipment purchase.
  • Free celebration Shark Bite shot in the Pub!

Once you've paid we can send your online manuals. 

You also have the option to upgrade to elearning (for Open Water only). This contains all the videos and exams, so you can finish the Knowledge Development section completely in advance and it will save you up to a day when you are here. The additional payment of P2,000 can be made either after arrival or in the "Courses" section of this site. 

Malapascua marine park fees payable on site. 

Duration: 5-7 days. 

Please email us with any questions and date of arrival:

Thank you for your booking!

We look forward to seeing you soon on Malapascua ūüėä


(Please note: this includes the 5% credit card transactions fee that is standard on Malapascua. You may book and pay another way if you prefer, we have banks in the Philippines, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and the USA. Or you may just put down a course deposit. Thanks!)