Thresher Shark Dives and Schedule

Thresher Shark Malapascua
You are very lucky - there has never been a better time to come for thresher sharks :-) Sightings have been amazing, the best in the 20 years we have been here! 
Thresher sharks were always seen at nearby Monad Shoal and in recent years in great numbers almost every day. But since 2022, they are not as reliable at Monad, we think it may be because there are now tigers sharks and bull sharks at Monad which we do sometimes see! 

The thresher sharks have moved to Kimud Shoal, a site similar to Monad, but shallower and further away. So we often schedule our shark dives here, P500 fuel surcharge applies. And they are almost always incredible sightings! Kimud used to be known for hammerhead sharks, and they are still around, but only very occasionally spotted. 
We do still dive Monad and there we do a "swimming" dive in an area away from most of the other divers. Most divers stay in one particular spot kneeling, waiting for sharks to come along. We generally swim around various cleaning stations and you have the chance to see many other creatures like seahorses, frogfish and ghost pipefish as well as other pelagics like rays and other sharks!
Threshers always used to be most common at dawn, but we are now getting sightings throughout the morning. So we usually offer double shark dives, and our new three-shark-dive trips are proving very popular. We also offer 3-dive day trips starting with one shark dive followed by a double dive at Gato, our other most poplar site, known for close encounters with whitetip reef sharks, and some amazing macro life. 
We finalise exact schedule for the shark dive a day in advance, so I cannot tell you for any particular day in the future what schedule will be diving. So just be aware if you're coming for a short time that there are several options for this dive. We often also offer more than one option on some days. 
Both Monad Shoal and Kimud are more challenging dive sites. It's possible to go if you are an Open Water diver, but your safety and comfort, you need to do it with an Instructor. Just let me know and I will advise your options. 
As for the rest of the schedule, we offer 4 -5 dives a day (including a dusk or night dive)You can choose your dives from our daily schedule which may include several sites in each time slot, depending on time of year. Again this is decided a day or two before. We also try to take your site requests into account as much as possible, so be sure and let us know!

Typical Schedule
6am: one or more of the following
  • 2-dive trip to Kimud 
  • Monad, Kimud
  • Monad, Kimud, Kimud
  • Kimud, Gato, Gato
  • Monad, Gato Gato
  • Kimud, Kalangaman, Kalangaman

9am: one or two dives to local dive sites

2pm: one or two dives to local dive sites

4:30pm: Mandarinfish dusk/night dive

5pm: Night dive