Thresher Shark Dive for Open Water Divers

Thresher Shark Dive / Deeper Dives for Open Water Divers

Thresher Shark Malapascua

You are very lucky - there has never been a better time to come for thresher sharks 😊 Sightings have been amazing, the best in the 20 years we have been here! They are now usually seen at Kimud Shoal; in 2022 they moved from Monad Shoal where they were seen for over 20 years. Find out more

Both Monad and Kimud are a little more challenging, so for Open Water divers without much experience, we do require that you go with an Instructor which costs a little more. This is for several reasons:

  • For your safety and that of others with you
  • To protect the fragile coral environment
  • To treat the sharks respectfully
  • It will definitely help your enjoyment as well 😊

Kimud Shoal is a sunken island around 12 meters, but as it is in the middle of the open sea, it can often have currents and slightly challenging conditions. There are drop offs and divers can go deeper over the edge to do the Deep Adventure Dive if you wish.

Monad Shoal is a straight drop down to 16 meters and then we swim around the reef between 16 and 30 meters. So this is beyond the depth limit of OW divers.

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For anyone that is Open Water certified, there are several options, priced the same at  PHP 3,500 per dive except the add-on for Option 3. 

Both trips are almost always minimum 2-dive trips. 

  1. An Instructor led fun dive to ensure your safety and comfort. You will stay within your depth limit. PHP 3,500 per dive.
  2. "Shark Conservation Dive" - this is part of the PADI Advanced Open Water (AOW) course, and will count towards it. You will stay within your depth limit. This is a great option for those on a budget.  PHP 3,500 per dive.
  3. “Deep Adventure Dive” which is also part of the PADI AOW, and will certify you to dive to 30 meters in the future so is a very useful option! For this to count, you are required to buy the PADI AOW online manual; approx. P3,700. It also includes the PADI AOW certification cost (PIC) when you eventually complete the AOW course. This is the best option for Monad. It's the best option if possible, as then you are permanently qualified to dive to 30m. PHP 7,200.
    • As a PADI Career Development Center, the highest level of PADI dive center, we can offer you this manual/certification at a fraction of the cost you might pay in other places -- e.g. if you buy it online from PADI it's around P9,000.
    • You can complete the remaining AOW dives at any time in the future and at any PADI Dive Center around the world.
  • We advise the full Advanced Open Water Course if possible. If you have limited time, the Adventure Diver is a great option; 3 dives which can be done in one day. Prices include the manual.

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The shark dive is usually done a 2 dive trip (usually 2 shark dives), or sometimes a 3-dive trip with 1-3 shark dives. Monad followed by a double dive at Gato is very popular, and also 3 dives trips going to Monad and Kimud on the same trip - maybe you can see tigers and threshers in the same day!

We finalise exact dive schedule a day in advance, so we cannot tell you for any particular day in the future what schedule will be diving. But due to its special nature, and given we don't want anyone to miss the threshers, we are now offering a unique offering, a "Kimud Double Dive Guarantee" at no extra charge for anyone who only has one night on the island. So definitely pre-book!

If you have not dived in a while, you may also be required to take a Refresher or check-dive before the Deep dive. And if you get the AOW manual, we can also credit the refresher towards the Advanced Course as Peak Performance Buoyancy. 

Also payable: P500 fuel surcharge for Kimud trips, and P450 in government marine park fees.